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Note: This game is delayed to an indefinite time from original planned release.

Doors to the City is a visually focused, planetary-platforming skating game. It is created by the team of artist and developer Benjamin Poynter (3D animation-visuals, programming) and musician-DJ The Josh Craig (music, likeness). This is a project which is a merging of urban culture, poetry, how they mesh with virtual existence, and vivid city-worlds created in a single-artist pipeline while being provided help from several renown graffiti artists. The city-worlds of Doors to the City are imaginative interpretations of what Josh the character and real person sees as his domain. Soaring throughout on a skateboard, he monologues to himself in reflection of what 'the city' means to him and where is home when everywhere is always.

This game features World Tour (Story) mode, Free Skate, and a bonus Make-Air-Space mode for invention.

At special showings, available to be played on with special Tech Deck controller and visualized with The Looking Glass 3D display system.

Available now for upcoming Looking Glass 3D display system.